Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

For this week's Thrifty Thursday I thought I would share the treasures I found in a few of the antique shops we visited while in Eastern Iowa and Wisconsin. 

2 small sets of decorative wood firecrackers (laying down) ~ $.99 each
Aluminum jar funnel ~ $3.00
Screen lid ~ $3.00
Glass jar with lid ~ $3.00
Wood pocket box (will have a makeover) ~ $3.00
Butter paddle ~ $5.00
Star mold ~ $5.75
Small rolling pin ~ $6.00
Checker board ~ $7.00
Smoking table (?) ~ $8.00
Table ~ $12.00

I didn't think the prices were too bad for antique stores.  All of the items except the star mold and wood pocket box were found in the Turkey River Mall located in Elkader, IA.  It actually is a 1897 hotel that has been turned into one large store with 100 vendors "renting rooms".  There are 3 floors, 2 wings, and a basement ~ 14,000 square feet of treasures.  I think we spent about 1.5 hours here and could have spent a lot more time and money!  I'm excited to try out a pantry cake using the star mold.  The small rolling pin and butter paddle are great additions to my dough board display :)

Has anyone ever seen the smoking table with 2 shelves?  I have tried to search it on eBay and the net, but haven't had any luck locating another one.  Just curious to see if that is really what it is.