Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

Today I thought I would share a kitchen-themed Thrifty Thursday!   These treasures were found at Goodwill, a flea market, and a garage sale.

The strainer, the small aluminum cup, and the child's cup were $.25 each;  the grater, the sifter, the set of 6 star molds, the set of 3 measuring cups, the Calumet cookie cutters, the gingerbread cutter, and the set of 4 gingerbread men were $.50 each; the Roseville pitcher was $.99; and all 9 of the measuring spoon sets came together in a bag for $1.

If you take a look at yesterday's post, you will see a photo of my baker's rack.  It is where most of these make their home. 

So many of these remind me of my paternal Grandma.  She was the best cook and baker!  Her freezer was always stocked with homemade shortcakes and her countertop always held some type of freshly baked treat.  When we would walk beans each summer, we could always count on an old-fashioned farmer's lunch.  Roast beef or fried chicken, cooked potatoes, gravy, homemade bread, green beans or sweet peas with puff, applesauce, and some kind of homemade dessert.  Everything Grandma made was homemade ~ never from a box ~ and the vegetables were always fresh from the garden. 

She also made sure that we had our morning and afternoon coffee breaks.  There was always a bottle of pop for me, my brother, and my mom, a glass jar of coffee for my dad, fresh baked cookies, and 3 types of sandwiches cut diagonally ~ cheese, summer sausage, and cheese with summer sausage.  Grandpa would be waiting on the headland for us at exactly 9am and 3pm.  Those breaks never seemed to last long enough!  Dad and Grandpa would spend the 20 minutes discussing the crops while we would devour Grandma's goodies.  I never did understand how my dad could drink steaming, hot coffee when we were out in 90+ degree temps.

Grandma has been gone for 10 years now and sadly most of her recipes went with her.  She seldom used a recipe or wrote one down.  By the time I was old enough to want copies, she wasn't able to cook or bake much and the memory of how she made certain foods was gone.  My aunt has tried to make the sweet peas with puff but hasn't had much luck re-creating it.  When we were cleaning Grandma's kitchen after she had passed away, we did find a few recipe cards written out in her handwriting for several of our favorite treats.  Those are treasured possessions! 

The majority of my memories of Grandma revolve around her in the kitchen.  That's where she always was when I would visit.  I was very fortunate that this set of grandparents lived straight across the gravel road from our home.  There weren't many days that I didn't see them.  I think that's why I love these old kitchen utensils and gadgets.  They bring back such great memories of my Grandma!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autumn Bliss

It seems like everyone is sharing photos of their fall decorating ~ so I thought I would join in with a few of our home.  Enjoy!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Goodwill Goodie Makeover Monday

Can it really be Monday again and the final week of September?  Time seems to slip by faster every year.  I want to send out a big welcome to all my new followers!  Thanks again Janene for spotlighting my blog ~ the number of hits has been amazing.  Be sure to share my blog with all your friends!

For this week's goodie makeover I have decided on a lazy susan that I actually picked up at Salvation Army.  I purchased it for $1.99 and did think about leaving it as is.  However, I think it would look better with a coat of black paint and some distressing ~ maybe a second color as well.

Here's the before photo (and before I cleaned it) ~

Hopefully the weather and the kids' schedules cooperate this week.  It has been so rainy and humid here that it makes it difficult for that paint to dry!  DS and DD will keep me running this week with cheerleading clinc, dance class, soccer, AWANA, and a cheerleading performance.  They are only in 5th grade and 2nd grade ~ I can only imagine what it will be like once they hit junior high and high school!

Be sure to visit again on Finish Friday to see the end product!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Goodwill Goodie Finish Friday

TGIF!  It's been a busy, rainy week here in the midwest.  Perfect weather for beef stew and homemade rolls.  DS and DD are ready to camp out in their fuzzies (that's what they call their blanket sleepers) all weekend.  I think I will spend Saturday browsing through my Country Sampler magazines and preparing the lesson for Sunday School.  My DH and I are in our 5th year of teaching the middle school class at our church.  Some of our former students will be graduating from high school this year ~ not sure where the time has went.  It has been great to see how they have grown in their faith and we look forward to what the Lord has in store for their futures.

With all the humidity this week it was a challenge to finish this makeover ~ the paint didn't want to dry.  Yesterday I was finally able to put the finishing touches on the shelf. 

Remember what my $1.99 shelf looked like before ~

Here it is now ~

Here's how I have it displayed ~

A full length shot ~

So much better than those bears!  It really pops against the paneling and the mini quilts were the perfect size.  The longaberger crock was a Goodwill find as well ~ $.50.  The game board, mini quilts, and basket were purchased at a "going out of business sale" of a local business a few years ago ~ $10 for all.  The pip berry picks were 50% off at ALCO ~ $3.00 each.  The Uncle Sams and Americana balls were purchased 50% at Hobby Lobby ~ $8 for all.  The child's rocking chair was given to us by a family at church that was moving.  The shelf was all I needed to tie it all together and it cost $1.99.

I have a few goodies in mind for next week ~ something for the kitchen, perhaps.  Check back on Monday to see what I have picked!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

Makeover Mondays and Finish Fridays ~ how about I add Thrifty Thursdays!

I have had great luck this week and wanted to start sharing my finds with you.  Every week I will try and show some of the great treasures that I have found.  No ~ I do not go thrifting every week, but over the years I have found many, many treasures that I think you will enjoy.

Let's start with this week's discoveries.  My DH is currently "coaching" at the dealership an hour north of our home.  This gives me the opportunity to explore new thrifting territory when we have lunch together (which we try to accomplish once a week).  Yesterday, we had a lunch date!  It was a good hour spent together ~ we were able to catch up with each other and with what has been happening with the kids.  He's been putting in long hours and time usually runs out at night before we are able to discuss all the events of the day.

After an enjoyable lunch and returning him back to work, I headed to the Krysilis store that is next door to the dealership.  Look what I snagged ~

The small Americana basket was $.25, the strainer was $.50, the bunny, Uncle Sam, and packages of "S" hooks were $.75 each, the long wood tray was $.90, and the NEW candles were $1.50 each.  Double find with the candles ~ they smell sooo good and I love those containers!  The tray and the "S" hooks may be in store for makeovers.  I may try to turn the strainer into a shoo-fly cover.  The Krysilis store may become a weekly stop!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Goodwill Goodie Makeover Monday

It's Monday again and time for another goodie makeover!  This week I'm attempting to prim up a peg shelf ~ not loving those bears. 

This shelf will be hung in our basement family room which will have an Americana theme year round.  I'm still trying to decide what color to use on this project ~ maybe a cream on black this time.

Later this week, I plan to post some photos of my prim goodie finds.  Check back on Finish Friday to see the shelf transformation!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Goodwill Goodie Finish Friday

I didn't think I was going to get to this post today.  We are having DD's family birthday party tomorrow and I had to make a grocery trip to town today.  As always, it took longer than expected ~ perhaps it's because I hit the Goodwill store while I was there :)  I found some great goodies that I will share in a later post!  Upon returning home, the lawn was crying out to be mowed.  So 4 hours later, I am finally sitting down at the computer.

I finished up my goodie makeover and it turned out better than I had hoped!  I decided to do a double color ~ black and mustard ~ and try stain for the first time.  The staining was easier than I thought it would be and really ages the piece nicely.  I had to do some hunting for the long-handled matches, but did eventually find 2 boxes.  I may try some stain on the matches as well ~ I think they look too new.

Here's the finish ~

Here's how I have it displayed next to the fireplace ~

Loving how it turned out and fits in!  Check back on Monday to see what goodie is up next for it's makeover!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Toots!

8 years ago I was in the recovery room ~ our family of 3 had just grown by 2 little feet.  It's hard to believe how fast time has gone by.  That precious 8 lb. 4 oz. bundle is now in 2nd grade and growing up too fast for the likes of Mom and Dad.  God has blessed us with a spunky, strong-willed, energetic, intelligent, compassionate daughter who loves Jesus and loves to dance, sing, and nurture her baby dolls.  I often find myself with a lump in my throat when I think of how fast she is growing up ~ sometimes I wish she was still that newborn wrapped in my arms.  Then I see her snuggled up in bed and am glad that she's growing up healthy and strong. 

I am so very lucky to be mommy to a daughter of the King of Kings.  He sent His princess to us and we are preparing her for the great plans He has in store for her.  These 8 years have flown by and I know that all too soon she will be ready to leave the nest.  With the strong foundation of faith we are helping her build, when she finds her wings she will soar!

Happy 8th Birthday Toots!  We love you too much! 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Goodwill Goodie Makeover Monday

What a gorgeous day!  It is perfect painting weather and so I started my Goodwill Goodie makeover early this week.  In fact, I'm may start a makeover every Monday and finish up on Friday.  That is, until the weather turns too cold or the goodies are gone!

I purchased this a few weeks ago and think it will look fantastic by our fireplace displayed with long-handled matches in it.

It has required a bit of sanding due to the decorative painting.  I have already painted it flat black and now am waiting for it to dry.  It may need a second coat.  I'm not sure if I will use a second color on it ~ I may just distress it and leave it black.

Check back on Friday to see the finished result!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Will Not Forget.....

Where were you 9 years ago?   I was in the kitchen ~ standing in shock as I watched those planes crash into the Twin Towers.  It's still brings tears to my eyes.   The wave of patriotism that followed was amazing ~ everywhere you looked there was an American flag proudly flown.  The country came together as one that day.  Those that lost their lives, that gave their lives, and that lost loved ones are still in my thoughts and prayers.

We are very fortunate that another attack has not occurred.  I believe that we have our armed forces to thank for that.  No matter what your view of the war taking place is, these men and women deserve our support, deserve our respect, and deserve our gratitude.  They have stepped up and volunteered to keep our country safe and free.  If this war wasn't being fought over there, it would be here on our land.   The next time you see a serviceman or servicewoman, thank him or her.  They were not forced to enlisted, they did it of their own freewill because they believe in this country.  This is the type of courage that our country was founded on.  The United States of America truly is ~ Home of The Free Because of The Brave!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Goodwill Goodie Makeover ~ After

Good Morning!  It's a bit dreary today and there's another chance of rain ~ fall has certainly blown in.  The farmers are in the fields and the smells outside are wonderful.  Instead of the usual traffic, the blacktop is crawling with combines, tractors, and wagons now.  I love this season!  I've got my Scentsy warmer on and the house is filling with the scent of cinnamon cider.  If you've never heard of Scentsy before, I recommend that you look it up on the web.  It's a great product.  I think that my day will be spent baking pumpkin bars and cooking up chili in the crockpot ~ it's the perfect weather for both!

My Goodwill Goodie Makeover is complete and once again I'm thrilled!  I love the cut marks and how the double paint highlights them.

These are displayed next to our fireplace for now.  I have a magazine rack (also a Goodwill purchase) that may become their home once it undergoes it's own makeover.  It's exciting to see how a coat or two of paint transforms these pieces into the perfect prim decor.  I have began to look past the current condition of a piece to what I can turn it into.  Before when I visited a Goodwill store, I would start at the clothing racks and then, if I had the time, take a quick look at the other items.  Now I find myself searching for makeover projects first! 

I'm not sure what next week's makeover will be ~ it may be another cutting board or I may try a candle box that I've purchased.  One thing I know for sure is that I'm mad for a makeover!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Goodwill Goodie Makeover ~ Before

In between cleaning the entire house and loads of laundry today, I'm trying my hand at another Goodwill Goodie Makeover.  Once again it's a bit windy outside, but the painting went well and I even attempted 2 colors of paint.  I'm letting the cutting board dry and then will move onto distressing it.  Here's the before photo ~

By tomorrow it should be finished!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

$316.72 of Dancewear for $15.00

Last night dance classes began again for my DD.  I hadn't gotten around to trying on her ballet slippers, jazz shoes, or tap shoes from last year but thought that all should still fit (considering we had purchased all a bit big).  It's a good thing she tried them on before we left the house!  The ballet slippers and jazz shoes fit wonderfully ~ the tap shoes were another story.  For those of you that haven't been graced by a dancer in your home, dance shoes run differently than regular shoes.  You absolutely can't guess what size to purchase ~ you need to have the dancer try them on.  For instance, DD's ballet slippers are a size 8,  jazz shoes are a size 5.5, and the tap shoes were a 2.5.  I could have been in a panic ~ we needed to leave the house in 10 minutes to make it to class and the closest dance supply store is over an hour away.  That's when my thrifty shopping came to to the rescue.

Last year while shopping at Goodwill, I came upon a tub overflowing with brand-new tap shoes.  The excitement was almost overwhelming!  However, after inspecting the top few shoes it became clear why these shoes had been donated.  There were no taps.  Tap shoes and taps can be purchased separately ~ I'm not sure why a person would because it is a costly option.  So I began to walk away, but something made me investigate that tub further.  I started to remove the un-tapped shoes and about half way through the tub found a shoe with taps.  My excitement began to grow once again.  After removing one more shoe,  there they were.  Pairs and pairs of shoes with taps!  Not only tap shoes, but jazz shoes as well.  It took time to sort and find the correct pairs ~ about half were missing the mate.  When I was finished, I had before me 6-almost new pairs of tap shoes and 2 pairs of jazz shoes.  The taps were size 4,  2-size 5,  size 6,  size 7.5, and size 8.  The jazz were size 6 and size 7.  I purchased every pair,  plus 2 leotards that I had found.  The total bill was $15.  If I had purchased everything new,  the bill would have been $316.72.

I came home, disinfected the shoes, washed the leos, and put them away in a tote.  I thought that these shoes would last for several years of dance ~ not so lucky.  Discovering that DD's tap shoes were too small,  I pulled out the tote and took out the size 4 tap shoes.  After all,  that would be the next logical shoe to fit.  They weren't even close.  So onto the size 5 shoes we went.  Once again, these weren't fitting.  We even tried the other pair of size 5 thinking that a different brand may run bigger ~ couldn't even get her whole foot in.  Out came the size 6.  Finally we had a winner.  In 4 minutes, DD had went through 3 pairs of tap shoes that I had planned would last her at least 2 years.  Was I ever thankful that I had purchased all 6 pairs that day!

Thanks to Goodwill, DD was able to tap away at class last night.  Added bonuses are we won't be making the hour long trip to the dance store this week, I still have 2 pairs of tap shoes and 2 pairs of jazz shoes in storage, I can re-sell the shoes that don't fit, the money I paid to Goodwill goes to a good cause, and I have $301.72 still in the bank.  All this for the few minutes it took me to sort through an overflowing tub of shoes.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Harvest Memories

From the looks of the fields, it won't be long before harvest starts. Harvest always brings back memories of riding in the combine with Dad, sitting in the tractor with Grandpa, and tagging along when Mom took supper out to the field. She always had 3 little farmers that had to have their supper out there with Dad. It was so much fun to be eating out of cake pans and sneaking sips of pop from Dad's bottle! Mom's cooking never tasted so good. With Dad retired from farming, it makes me sad that my kids won't be able to have those experiences. Those were some great family bonding times.

The bus couldn't get us home fast enough when Dad was out in the field.  Before we had homework, it was straight out to the combine.  Once homework hit, it had to be completed first.  Dad's combine wasn't one of these new ones with the built-in buddy seat.  We had to take our turn and squeeze in between Dad's seat and the door ~ just enough room for our little tushies to fit.  There was a metal "shelf" that encircled his seat that not only provided a place for us to sit, it also served as a bed.  I could never make it more than 2 rounds before I was lulled to sleep by the steady rhythm of the crops being harvested.  Dad always kept a Pioneer Seed sweatshirt and vest stored there ~ perfect bedding!  I don't ever remember being woke up and taken out of the combine, but somehow Dad managed to get me out and down the ladder so that Mom could take me home.

When it wasn't our turn in the combine, we would keep Grandpa company in the tractor.  On nice days, he would let us play in the grain wagon and in the corn or beans.  What fun that was!  Corn and beans would mysterious find their way into our pockets, shoes, socks, and toes.  Being a mother now, I know what it was like for Mom to be doing laundry only to have corn or beans spilling out from everywhere.  When Dad came into sight with a load ready to dump, we would scurry like mice out and down the ladder and back into the tractor cab.  One of my favorite memory of Grandpa is when he would take out his handkerchief and make me a baby-in-a-cradle.  To this day, I still don't know how he did it.  Grandpa's been gone for 23 years now, and I'm so thankful that I was able to spend so much time with him during harvest.

Dad retired from farming 13 years ago ~ most of the tractors have been sold as has the combine.  That was a sad day when the John Deere left the yard for the last time.  Thankfully we all did get one last ride with Dad as did the grandkids.  A few tears were shed ~ farming was my Dad's life and it had provided a great childhood for us.  Now that chapter had ended.  Harvest time has never been the same out at Dad and Mom's; but the smells at this time of year, the crispness of the air, and the turning of the crops bring back childhood memories that can never be retired or sold.  I wouldn't trade growing up as a farmer's daughter for any other life ~ it was the best!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Goodwill Goodie Makeover ~ After

The first attempt at a Goodwill Goodie Makeover has been a success!  I'm so pleased with the results and can't wait to dive into my stash of finds.  However, I'm afraid that this is going be addicting!  So here is how both pieces turned out ~

It's been a beautiful day here on the farm and the kids have been entertained with our 4 week old kittens.  This gave me plenty of time to finish up this project and do a couple loads of laundry.  In fact, it is so nice outside that I was able to paint out on the deck and enjoy the weather too.  Fall is definitely in the air!  This is my absolute favorite time of the year.  I think this week I will be busy baking pumpkin bars and banana bread.  Oh ~ and trying another makeover!

Friday, September 3, 2010

First Attempt at a Goodwill Goodie Makeover ~ Before

Today I have been trying my hand at some Goodwill goodie makeovers.  It's my first attempt and I think it's going quite well!  I'm not ready to show the after photos yet ~ I'm hoping by tomorrow the painting will be done and dried.  I prefer to paint outside and the wind isn't cooperating today, so it's been slow going.

Here are the 2 goodies that I have been working on ~

I'm painting both flat black and then plan on distressing.  So far so good!  Keep checking back to see the finished result!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here I Go!

Welcome to A Bushel and A Peck! 

Let me introduce myself ~  I am a Iowa girl through and through.  I was raised on a small family farm in north central Iowa and stayed in Iowa to attend Central College.  My DH is also a Iowa farm boy who attended the University of Northern Iowa.  We have been married for 13 years, all of which have been spent here.  Being able to raise our DS and DD in the heart of the midwest has been a blessing.  Four years ago we were able to purchase our dream acreage and have been busy working on it ever since.  I love being able to "prim" it!  I am a SAHM and our children are in 5th and 2nd grade.  God has been so good to us!

I have been so inspired by the many blogs that I have followed that I finally decided to give one a go myself.  I love primitives, Americana-style decor, and making our house a home.  When I'm not busy with the kids, you can find me tweaking and rearranging!  I invite you to join me on my adventure through heirloom treasures, Goodwill goodies, and the journey God has set out before me!