Thursday, December 9, 2010


Well, this week hasn't gone as planned!  DS began to get sick again on Monday night and by Tuesday morning had a sore throat and that barking cough.  So off to the dr. we went ~ and it's a good thing I took him in.  He has sinus infection and he was on the verge of pneumonia setting in :(  The medicine seems to have finally started to work and I'm hoping that he will be able to return to school tomorrow.

Having to be at home the last few days with DS has given me a chance to do some reflecting.  This past Sunday, we had a send-off for a missionary family.  This family should be an inspiration to all ~ I can't say too much about them as they are Creative Access missionaries and for their safety information must be vague.  However, the Lord has been working on my heart through them.  DH and I have had several conversations regarding them in the past, and more since the send-off.  We feel guided by the Lord to be keeping them in our prayers and are being pulled by the Lord to be involved in their work (although it will be from here).  I can say that whatever we can do to help them is what we will do.

Seeing their unselfishness has really put life into perspective.  They will be facing many, many trials and tribulations.  They will be doing without many of our modern day comforts.  It almost makes me feel guilty when I think of how primitive their daily living will be compared to ours ~ and they are doing because of their love of the Lord!

As I was trying to prepare lunch for DS and myself today, I caught myself thinking that I had nothing in the house to fix.  Really?  Our cupboards are full, the frig is full, the freezer is full ~ nothing?  I stopped.  This family will be living in the midst of poverty ~ where there really is nothing.  So I decided that I will not be buying anything but bread and milk until everything is depleted in my kitchen of nothing.  For lunch, I made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.  For supper, we will be having tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  I am going to calculate how much I would have spent on food from now until things are gone ~ that money will be going to this family to be used for God's work.  It may not be much, but it's a start.

It's too easy for us to take things for granted ~ things that are wants are seen as things that are needs.  I sometimes take God's gift of salvation for granted ~ we all do.  We had nothing before He sent His Son to earth ~ He could have let us stay in our sin and live for eternity separated from Him.  He didn't.  He gave His everything to bring us back to Him ~ He had nothing but His Son to give for us.  This missionary family has nothing but themselves to give to Him.  We all have nothing but our hearts to give to Him.  As Christmas approaches, I hope that we all take time to reflect on the price that was paid for us and remember to give something back to the One that was sent to save us.  With out Him, we really would have nothing.