Monday, September 12, 2011

Goodwill Goodie Makeover Monday, An Update, and A Finish

Just gettin' this one in under the wire! 

Received another update on Jack ~

Jack had his breathing tube removed today!! He still has a lot of gunk to cough up, so here's hoping that he gets it all out so that they don't have to do it for him. :-( He also had the dressing on his tumor surgical site changed, and that was VERY traumatic as those bandages are VERY sticky! He was so unhappy about that. But, he's resting now, and hopefully we'll get him coughing some more to clear out his airways. Thank You, God, for Your continuing watch over our little man!

I have spent a lot of my time the last few days in prayer for this little guy.  I pray that blessings like this continue to appear for him in the days ahead.

Once the word was received that the surgery had went well, I suddenly had all this energy and so I put it to good use ~ praising the Lord and prepping a few makeovers! 

This week's is something that I have had for awhile.  It makes an appearance in one spot, then heads back to storage in the basement for awhile, then will pop up again somewhere.  A few years ago, I hosted a couple Homemaker's Idea Company parties and earned a lot of free and half price items.  At that time, the company was all about their baskets and using them to organize your life.  So I spent my "money" on baskets ~ lots and lots of baskets!  I ordered mainly plain brown ones because they matched all my wood furniture. 

I'm so over the brown color now, but I hate to get rid of all these baskets.  The construction quality is second-to-none and they are so easy to take care of.  You can even dunk them in a tub of water to clean.  I've sold a few, but still have lots that are sitting in the basement.  I sat staring at this particular basket the other day when a light bulb popped on ~ why not paint it!  So I took it outside and did just that.

Here's what it looked like before ~

This is how I had it displayed last year for fall ~

Because I am so happy with how it turned out and it's already re-displayed, I'm sharing the finished makeover today!   Here's how the painting of the basket turned out~

Yeah!  Black is much better.  I started out using a matte finish spray paint because I was afraid that glossy would be too shiny and run.  But the matte was too flat.  So after one coat of matte, I carefully sprayed a coat of glossy ~ it went on so smooth.

Once again, new life to an old treasure.  Guess what I'm going to be doing to those other baskets sitting in the basement :) !