Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Bushel and A Peck of Extras

So, I know that it's not Friday ~  I'm a little slow on linking up with Kelly at Kelly's Korner this week.  Her invitation this week is to show the "extra" rooms in our homes ~ and we have a few!  I thought I would start off with photos of our laundry/mud room.  What a blessing this room has been!  With it being right off the garage, it catches all the mud and dirt from the kids as they come in from outside.  Take a peek ~

Love the sink! 

One of our desks ~ this one is for the family
Hey ~ where did that gingerbread come from!
(Notice the makeover on the wall ~ it's working well for those bills!)

Coat/shoe closet

See ~ those gingerbread are starting to take over the house ~ LOL!

Now ~ onto the toy/game room.  This room has seen several "makeovers" since we moved in over 4 years ago.  The kids have outgrown sooooo many toys and it has "grown-up" with them.  It's in the basement which helps cut down on the noise level when we have friends over!  Welcome to Kid Central ~

Baby Land!

We love Little Mommy toys!

Hot Wheels!

Old dining room table ~ perfect for crafting and when friends come over ~ the kids can eat down here
(Linda ~ notice the highchair!)
The mini china cabinet was made by my great-great uncle for my mother when she was a girl.

Raggedy Andy and Ann
The dolls in the shelf were mine, DH, DS, and DD ~ the highchair was mine.
If you look close, you can find my childhood roller skates!

The kitchen, ironing board, iron, sewing machine, and playpen were mine.

Hope you enjoyed the peek into our "extras"!  I've enjoyed taking a look at everyone's photos this week ~ it's always fun to look at how others decorate and even find an idea or two to steal!

I have one more room that I would like to share, but time is running short this morning.  Hopefully, I can get photos taken and posted later this afternoon.