Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Motivation seems to have returned

Rain and 70 degrees?  Is it really the first day of summer?  I had planned to take the kids to the pool and spend the afternoon soaking in some sun, but the weather had other ideas.  In fact, it looks like it may be this weekend before it's warm enough to venture to the pool.  So, I've decided to sort through my pile of makeovers-in-the-waiting and see what I want to keep for the new home and what will find it's way back to Goodwill.

I have found a few pieces that I think will fit into the new kitchen.  It will be the first kitchen we have had that has the open tops on the cupboards ~ I'm excited to have that extra display space!  So I'll be putting the first coat of paint on this afternoon.  Check on Monday to see what I'm working on!  It feels good to be back at it!