Friday, November 19, 2010

Goodwill Goodie Finish Friday

Friday!  So, what was this week's makeover?  To be honest, I wasn't even sure what I would pick to makeover!  First, I thought a peg shelf ~ then, it was a recipe box ~ but finally, decided on this ~

It's a brand new cutting board that I picked up at Goodwill.  You can see where the label caused some discoloration.  I needed something to hide an outlet in my kitchen and this is the perfect size.  It was a bit tricky with the grooves, but in the end they just added some dimension.

Here's the result ~ (I included 2 photos because I couldn't decide which showed it better)

Here's how I used it to cover an outlet ~

Notice the gingerbread ~ they just seem to keep popping up places in our home!  I love how the grooves mimic the roll-top of the bread box ~ ties the whole display together, don't you think!