Monday, October 25, 2010

Goodwill Goodie Makeover Monday

Can it really be the last week in October already?  Christmas, only 60 days away?  Visions of prim decorating are dancing in my head!  I need to start going through my stash of presents and see what I already have and what I need to work on getting.  Maybe a few makeovers will make their way to a new home!

Hope you all had a chance to check out DS and DD bedroom photos that I posted.  I would love to see some more comments!  They keep me inspired!

On to this week's makeover!  This will be a double makeover week.  I have a display in mind and need both of these items.  The first is a lovely ~ and I mean lovely ~ glass jar that I picked up at ALCO on clearance for $1.  I really have no idea why it was left to be clearanced out.  I mean doesn't everyone dream of owning something as beautiful as this ~

As if that wasn't cute enough by itself, check out the other side  ~

I will have a hard time seeing this one transformed ~ LOL!  Along with this great jar, I'm primming up another lazy susan.  The first one turned out so well, that I snag every one I come across.  Here's what it looks like before ~

A little dreary here today, perfect for painting away!  I have 1 item left to find for this display ~ hoping to have time this week to hunt it down.  Finish Friday will be a great one!