Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Makeover!!!!

Most of the boxes are unpacked ~ a lot has found it's way to Goodwill.  However, there are still a few makeovers to be found :) 

When we purchased this home, it needed a LOT of updating.  The good news was we had time to do it ~ the acreage had not sold so we didn't have to move yet.  The old wool carpet was pulled out, the stuck-on tile was chiseled out, new paint in every room, new light fixtures hung. 

I decided to go a different way in decorating this home.  While I still like the prim look, it just doesn't "fit" in this house.  So I went with a color called cork for all the walls, ceilings, and woodwork.  Yes ~ we painted the ceilings and workwood all the same color as the walls.  We cut our living space in half and felt that by painting everything the same color, it would open the space up and give more of a flow to the house.  Loving it! 

I'm using black for most of the accessories with just a hint of red here and there.  I took my inspiration from a pip berry garland that I have.  So I've been busy painting picture frames and anything else that I have displayed black ~ mostly gloss.  I didn't think I would like the shine of gloss, but it is giving everything a nice finish. 

Because I don't have as much display room, I've been downsizing and downsizing all my "pretties".  Plus with everything that happened during my surgery, I have found myself craving anything with a connection to our family ~ photos, artwork, etc.  Everything that I had out at the acreage just doesn't seem to matter to me anymore.  As I've been unpacking them, I don't want to display them and just want to get rid of them.  I have always loved displaying DS and DD artwork, but now that's about all I have on the walls besides photos.  There is just something about doing this that makes our home so cozy!

I came across a window frame mirror that I have had for years in one of the boxes and an idea came to me on how I could incorporate it into our home.  It was a glossy navy blue and needed some updating. 

Here's the before ~

It's painted, now I'm just waiting for it to dry to finish it up.  Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to post the finished project!