Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Election over ~ not even going into how I feel about the outcome.  I'm just going to go on with the makeover reveal.  If you remember this is what I was working on ~

Something that I have wanted to use and upcycle for a long time, but just couldn't figure out how.  That is until I discovered that it was the perfect size for something that I needed to organize.  So out came the spray paint and ta da! 

A whole new piece of furniture!  I really cannot believe how a can of spray paint changed this.  It has went from something that I couldn't stand to look at into something that looks like it costs a nice chunk of change.  And it fits in this spot perfectly!

So what am I using it for ~ to organize these that the kids are always using.

Their DVD collection.  I've tried keeping it in the entertainment center, in baskets ~ just about anything.  However, it always ends up all over the house, empty cases, DVDs in the wrong cases, etc., etc.  We are a big movie family and it seems like someone is always watching a DVD.  They needed to be easily accessible, but I wanted them to look decent as well.  This shelf has saved the day!

Next week I'm going to try and get back on the Makeover Monday and Finish Friday schedule again.  Already working on Mondays project ~ just hoping it will be done by Friday :)

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