Saturday, September 24, 2011

Goodwill Goodie Finish Friday Saturday :)

Somehow yesterday got away from me and I didn't get my post up!  I traveled up north to have lunch with DH and stopped on the way home to do a little shopping.  The kiddos are trying to decide what to be for Halloween ~ actually DS is debating whether he is too old this year, you know, he's in middle school now :)  DD, at the moment, has picked Angelica from the Pirates of the Caribbean 4.  I think that it might have something to do with the fact that she met "her" at Disney World in May.  First she was all about being Rapunzel (she also met her), then quickly decided that it had to be Angelica.  Luckily, I have found a costume in her size ~ not thrilled about buying a pre-made costume as I grew up having my mom make all our costumes.  But I have tried to put one together at Goodwill and haven't had much luck.  Plus GW seems to keep raising their prices, so by the time I would get all the necessary pieces, the costume would actually be the cheaper way to go.  If DS decides that he isn't too old, he's going as Captain Jack Sparrow.  No luck on finding a costume in his size.  Boys end at size 10-12 and then jumped to an adult size large.  So I'm searching for pieces.  I've found a hat, wig with beads and all, and a shirt.  His may not be as "authentic" as her, but I'm trying!

The weather took a turn for the cool, but it sounds like next week we could be back into the high 70s, low 80s.  Oh how I love fall!

Onto this week's makeover!  If you remember from Monday's post, this is what I upcycled (I guess that's the proper term to be using!) ~

Quite a few bloggers that I follow have done these and I was so happy when I finally found one.  So many possibilities!  I love decor like this ~ you can move it from place to place and re-purpose it without much work!

Here's what it looks like now ~

And add a few finishing touches for fall and you have ~

Never knew you could transform a cheese plate into a piece of versatile decor, did you?!? 

Not sure what will be up next on Monday ~ have to take a look around and see what I feel needs some new life breathed into it!  Leave a comment and be sure to visit again on Monday!