Friday, September 17, 2010

Goodwill Goodie Finish Friday

I didn't think I was going to get to this post today.  We are having DD's family birthday party tomorrow and I had to make a grocery trip to town today.  As always, it took longer than expected ~ perhaps it's because I hit the Goodwill store while I was there :)  I found some great goodies that I will share in a later post!  Upon returning home, the lawn was crying out to be mowed.  So 4 hours later, I am finally sitting down at the computer.

I finished up my goodie makeover and it turned out better than I had hoped!  I decided to do a double color ~ black and mustard ~ and try stain for the first time.  The staining was easier than I thought it would be and really ages the piece nicely.  I had to do some hunting for the long-handled matches, but did eventually find 2 boxes.  I may try some stain on the matches as well ~ I think they look too new.

Here's the finish ~

Here's how I have it displayed next to the fireplace ~

Loving how it turned out and fits in!  Check back on Monday to see what goodie is up next for it's makeover!

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  1. I've done several of these and now friends are wanting them, as well. I put painted wood spoons in one; pip berries and stars in another. I'm keeping my eyes open for them!
    I always use the Minwax walnut stain when I am done. The aging effect is awesome.
    I am looking forward to more from your blog.