Friday, September 24, 2010

Goodwill Goodie Finish Friday

TGIF!  It's been a busy, rainy week here in the midwest.  Perfect weather for beef stew and homemade rolls.  DS and DD are ready to camp out in their fuzzies (that's what they call their blanket sleepers) all weekend.  I think I will spend Saturday browsing through my Country Sampler magazines and preparing the lesson for Sunday School.  My DH and I are in our 5th year of teaching the middle school class at our church.  Some of our former students will be graduating from high school this year ~ not sure where the time has went.  It has been great to see how they have grown in their faith and we look forward to what the Lord has in store for their futures.

With all the humidity this week it was a challenge to finish this makeover ~ the paint didn't want to dry.  Yesterday I was finally able to put the finishing touches on the shelf. 

Remember what my $1.99 shelf looked like before ~

Here it is now ~

Here's how I have it displayed ~

A full length shot ~

So much better than those bears!  It really pops against the paneling and the mini quilts were the perfect size.  The longaberger crock was a Goodwill find as well ~ $.50.  The game board, mini quilts, and basket were purchased at a "going out of business sale" of a local business a few years ago ~ $10 for all.  The pip berry picks were 50% off at ALCO ~ $3.00 each.  The Uncle Sams and Americana balls were purchased 50% at Hobby Lobby ~ $8 for all.  The child's rocking chair was given to us by a family at church that was moving.  The shelf was all I needed to tie it all together and it cost $1.99.

I have a few goodies in mind for next week ~ something for the kitchen, perhaps.  Check back on Monday to see what I have picked!


  1. I love your transformation. It looks great with all your Americana goodies.

  2. Just popped over from Janene's blog and wanted to say hello! I love meeting others who love the Lord too! I will be preparing my Sunday School lesson too this Sat. and trying to get this house into a bit more order - if that's possible!
    Look forward to following your blog - I love your shelf makeover!
    Best wishes

  3. Looks great.....I wasn't sure what I was picturing, but this is better than what I had pictured. Good work!

  4. I really like how this turned out. Did you paint the quilt squares or are they ACTUAL quilt squares?
    You won't believe this...but we have the exact same paneling in our basement/family room!
    My husband loves it and won't let me touch it with a paint brush...although I have been thinking about it lately :o)
    Have a great weekend and I hope my posting helped...although not many people read me anymore :o(

  5. Janene ~

    They are actual mini-quilts (Boyds Bears items). The paneling seemed so dark, but the Americana items do really pop against it. I wanted to paint ours as well, but the hubby isn't going for it.
    Your post has been a great help ~ lots of hits today! Thanks again and I hope you get back to your makeovers soon!

  6. I did a very similar shelf--a horrid bear wall paper backing. I removed it and put beadboard on--painted it all black. Now I love it!
    It is an art to see what things can be instead of what they are. You, my dear, have that talent. I am looking forward to more of your makeovers!

  7. BTW~ I have that same game board!

  8. Thanks for that compliment Linda! It's amazing how similar pieces seem to show up everywhere ~ those bears just had to go. I just love doing these makeovers and sharing the results with others. Thanks for becoming a follower!

  9. Hi Michele thanks so much for coming by my blog & following me..I'm now a follower of your I just love makeovers & I sure do love what you did & how you have it displayed...I love everything Americana too...Wishing you a Blessed Day..Hugs Maria