Friday, October 29, 2010

Goodwill Goodie FInish Friday

It's Friday again!  I just finished baking a caramel apple cake and chocolate chip cookie brownies, so the house has a wonderful smell!  Some probably noticed that there wasn't a Thrifty Thursday this week ~ yesterday was my birthday and I was busy the entire day.  Lunch with DH, then some shopping, and then a delicious supper out with DH, DS, and DD.  I am very blessed!

So onto this week's makeover.  I had a little fun with this lazy susan and gave it a double color.  The black didn't show thru as much as I had hoped, but I'm still pleased with the result.  Removing the lettering on the jar was actually quite easy.  I was even able to find the 1 necessary item to put the finishing touches on the display.

Here's how both turned out ~

And here they are displayed ~

This is the sink area in my laundry/mud room.  The iron and stand were my paternal grandmother's and the wood spools all came from my maternal great-grandmother.  I was fortunate to have spent a lot of time with both of these terrific ladies and cherish the heirlooms that I have received from each.  So what was the 1 item I had to hunt for ~ those wooden clothes pins!  They were a lot harder to find than I had imagined, but definitely complete the display ~ don't you think!

The weather has really taken a turn towards cold this week.  In fact, we had flurries and sleet on Wednesday afternoon.  This weekend is going to be full of non-stop painting ~ I don't want to be bored this winter without a makeover to do!


  1. Happy belated birthday!! Your makeovers are great as usual and I love how they are displayed.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Love your Makeover,The Red Color on the walls looks the same I have above the Cupboards in the Kitchen is the color called "Summer Pudding Red" Red is such a warm color...
    Happy bleated birthday too.

    Enjoyable weekend to Everyone !!

  3. Didn't realize it was your birthday but hope it was a good one and maybe still being one. I personally think girls birthdays should be no less than a week long and share this with all my granddaughters!
    I am loving your makeovers! The set-up in your laundry is awesome. I will be sharing my laundry pictures soon.
    Thanks for stopping by. I so enjoy when visitors comment. Bummer about the sleet. That is not fun!
    Where are these GWs you are going to? My faves are in Washington, Coralville and Iowa City. They are building one in Fairfield which is only 14 miles from us. I'm hoping it turns out better than their garage sales. On occasion, we visit the ones in Muscatine, Ottumwa, Ankeny, Des Moines and Oskaloosa.
    Have a really great weekend!

  4. Happy belated birthday Michele!! Love what you did with your makeovers! The display you set up is so sweet!!