Monday, November 29, 2010

Goodwill Makeover Monday

I'm back!  Hope everyone enjoyed a safe Thanksgiving with lots of food!  We sure did!

Last week was so busy ~ DD's pink eye made a return, but I think we finally have it cleared up.  We enjoyed catching up with lots of family and even had a "mini-vacation", as the kids called it, to celebrate Christmas with family that won't be able to return in December.  It was fun to travel a short distance and stay in a hotel overnight with them ~ the kids were able to get lots of swimming in!

Today a warm front has blown in and I'm frantically trying to finish up some more painting before the cold returns.  As I'm looking at the stash of makeovers ready to go, the stash that hasn't been touched is staring at me :(  I'm hoping that this winter isn't anything like last winter ~ otherwise it could be April or May before I'm able to get to those.  However, I do have one ready to finish this week. 

Here it is ~

This magazine rack is actually one of the first piece that I purchased when I decided to start my blog and makeovers.  It has just been patiently waiting for its turn.  I don't know exactly where it will be used, but I'm sure I can find someplace for it!

Today, along with the warm weather, I received some sad news concerning a friend from high school ~ her husband passed away over the weekend.  He had been battling brain cancer for the last year and a half.  She is only 34 and now will be a single parent raising 2 small daughters.  Thankfully, she is a physical therapist and does have a full-time job and is fortunate to be living near her family.  My heart aches for her and my thoughts are full of her and her family ~ many prayers are being sent up for her today.  Just another reminder of how short our time here on earth is and how thankful we should all be for what we have.  I hope that she will feel the arms of our Lord wrapped tightly around her and her girls in the days and weeks ahead ~ may He give her the strength she will need to cope and continue on.


  1. Oh dear, that is sad news and I feel for her,
    she is awful young to have lost her love.
    I did some painting a couple weeks ago and
    I haven't gotten around to finishing them.
    I need to do some sanding on them, yet...
    If you haven't signed up for my give away,
    come on over and check it out.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. All I've done lately is make rag balls. I did pick out some quilt squares to embroider but haven't picked out floss or anything yet. Too much else to do. I am collecting items for next painting season! Look out when I am able to work!
    Anxious to see your finished project!
    Will definitely add my prayers for your friend and her children.

  3. So sad about your friends lost, seems the last
    few months so many Bloggers have lost someone
    or a close friend,You are so right about how
    short our time is here we need to cherish those
    who are close to us... Glad to here you got the
    Pink Eye under control, I have experience that
    and Drops are really pricy.. Magazine Rack would
    look great make -over in black..

  4. Michele,

    I've got quite a stash still waiting on me and many frames I need to paint for my stitcheries! They're taking over the house! lol! I'll be looking forward to your magazine rack makeover too!

    Glad you all have the pink eye all taken care of now! And I'm really sorry about the loss of your friend!

    Have a great evening, Michele!