Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh Me, Oh My!

Where has the time gone?!?  I can't believe that it is so far into January already and I haven't posted any makeovers yet!  Never fear ~ they are on their way!  With the holidays, get togethers, kids on Christmas break, I just haven't had time to finish any.  They are sitting here, looking at me just waiting.  I'll give you a sneak peek of what the weeks ahead will reveal ~

(You might recognize this one!)

Please hang in there with me ~  I enjoy having all of you as followers and appreciate all your input!  I promise, makeovers are on their way!


  1. LOL...that was quick!

    Can't wait to see the end results with these.....but please don't touch the cutting board....it's just soooooooo cute already (**sense my sarcasm**)!!!!

  2. LOL....I like that "sense my sarcasm"...
    I am looking forward to your make overs.
    Keep them coming!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  3. Yowza! Is that paper glued on the cutting board? I can't wait to see how you handle that one!