Thursday, November 1, 2012

Makeover mania!

So many makeovers to little time to blog!  I've got a few spare moments right now and wanted to share the latest project.  This is a shelf that was left in one of the homes we have purchased.

I never knew exactly what to do with it ~ it was quite ugly, but sturdy and had lots of decorating space.  It's been in many spots since, but it's never looked right anywhere.

With downsizing into this home, I considered selling it because I just wasn't happy with way it looked.  However, I discovered that it is perfect for a specific item that needs a home.  The color, or lack of, needed lots of work.  So, out came the spray paint again and it's a whole new piece!

I'm hoping that it will be ready to share tomorrow ~ so you will have to come back to see!

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