Friday, October 22, 2010

Linking Up With Kelly's Korner ~ Dinoland!

Today I'm attempting to link up with Kelly's Korner and share photos of how I have decorated our children's bedrooms.  They are the farthest thing from prim ~ definitely customized to each child.  I will start with DS's room.  He is dinosaur-obsessed! 

Beware as you are about to enter Dinoland!

This is the product of 7 years (almost 8) of nothing but dinosaurs for every birthday and Christmas!  Every vacation that we have taken has included some kind of dinosaur related activity and dinosaur souvenir.  We're thankful that we live in the Midwest and so many fossil sites, colleges with paleontology programs, dinosaur finds, etc. are within driving distance.  Even when we went to Disney World, he was able to get his fill of dinosaurs at Animal Kingdom. This past summer we headed out to South Dakota and visited The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD.  DS was able to participate in the Junior Paleontology Dig for the second time ~ we had traveled out there 5 years ago so that he could dig away!  It is an amazing place and I would highly recommend it to anyone that has a child interested in dinosaurs/ice age animals.

DS has also had the opportunity to meet 2 important paleontologists and listen to a presentation given by each.  The first was Jack Horner who was a consultant for the Jurassic Park movies.  He spoke at the Iowa State Historical Museum when they hosted "Hatching the Past: The Great Dinosaur Egg Hunt", a traveling dinosaur exhibit.  The other was Dr. Christopher Brochu who has been featured in dinosaur documentaries and he spoke at the Science Center of Iowa when they hosted a traveling dinosaur fossil/skeleton exhibit.

I'm always on the look-out for dinosaurs, books about dinosaurs, or any dinosaur related items.  It's becoming a challenge considering that he owns just about every dinosaur item that's out there!  We have started to upgrade some of his dinosaur models ~ I can't believe how expensive the nicer ones are, but I'm fairly certain that this is not a phase and it's his life's passion.  He's already investigating what colleges have paleontology programs and where they are located.  Time will tell, but I have a strong feeling that we are going to have a paleontologist in the family ~ who knows he may just become world famous!

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  1. You should start charging people to walk through that museum! 'Cept me, of course. lol.