Friday, October 22, 2010

Linking Up With Kelly's Korner ~ *Prima Ballerina*

Once again I'm sharing about our children's bedrooms on Kelly's Korner.  Next is DD's room.  Until a few months ago, it was Disney Princess and Tinker Bell ~ complete with canopy.  Then she decided that she wanted a ballerina room.  So out went the princess and in came ballet!

Luckily, the pink still works!  I have recycled the costume from her first recital as decor as well as outgrown ballet slippers, tap shoes, and leos.  She still has a few princess and Tinker Bell items mixed in ~ couldn't get rid of everything!  A few things were mine ~ the white cradle, the vintage Barbie dream house.  The vintage mirror was my great-grandmother's.

I'm still tweaking here and there ~ still have some prints to get hung, but overall very happy with the makeover!  DD is in her 3rd year of lessons and loves to dance.  She also takes cheer lessons.  I think this one is destined to become a prima ballerina and then a dance instructor!


  1. The ballerina decor is so cute!!! I'm hoping to get my little 5 year old tomboy into ballet soon.

  2. So sweet. I love the pink! Our little Emma shares a room with her little brother, but if she had her own space it would SO be a princess room!

  3. Finally got mine up....had to clean first. lol. I'm impressed......3 posts today! Woot!