Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodwill Goodie Makeover Monday

Finally ~ I have time to post another makeover.  I had all these big plans to post one a week this summer ~ well, the pool had other plans!  The makeovers didn't happen, but a fabulous tan did :)

The kids are back into the full swing of school this week.  They started back last Tuesday, but we had scheduled early outs every day at 1:30 due to heat.  It's a nice way to work back into the schedule, especially the 6am wake-up call every morning in order to be on the bus at 7:05.  I won't be surprised if we have a few early outs this week as well ~ temps are suppose to hit the 90s by the end of the week again.  Maybe I'll be able to get some sun-time in before fall officially hits :)

Yesterday, after church, we spent the afternoon finishing up the mulch around the house.  Something that should have been done when we moved in 5 years ago, but something that didn't happen until we decided to sell.  Have you ever notice how that happens!  It's okay while you're living in it, but when it's time to sell things suddenly need sprucing up.  Oh well ~ it does look much nicer, even if we will enjoy it for a little while.  Then I started to clean up my flower bed.  Things are slowly starting to fade and I'm ready for a tidy, fall look here.  I cut back a few of the day lilies that have gone to seed and a hosta or two that the grasshoppers have gotten to as well as the sun.  It looks better although there's a few more hostas that need to be moved or at least divided, but I'll wait until it's bit cooler to do that.  We did have some good help, at least with driving the mower and cart around :)

You can tell that we've been in need of some rain ~ look at that poor grass!  If it weren't for the water grass, I wouldn't have had to mow for over a month now.  When I do mow, it's like a dust storm! 

With that project done and the kids back in school, I'm working on downsizing everything.  I don't want to be moving things we don't need or want.  Today's project has been my dresser and closet ~ too many clothes!  I have a habit of keeping things (not just clothes) just in case.  I'm trying to break that habit ~if I didn't wear it all summer, if it doesn't fit, if it doesn't match anything, etc. it's going to Goodwill.  Some one else can enjoy it.  The plan is to start with the closets and work from there ~ a little at a time until the whole house has been de-cluttered and downsized.

I'm also getting back to the treadmill ~ the summer wasn't kind to my waistline :(  The poor treadmill was neglected all summer while we had fun in the sun.  Now it's time to get back to it.  Two years ago I dropped 30 pounds, and some how a few have crept back on.  Time to take them off again.  I'm hoping that with the kids out of the house for the day, it will be much easier to stick with the walking/running routine again and not snack all day long.

Taking a break to post this makeover though.  I found these beauties a while ago and couldn't decide what colors to use on them.  Now with the upcoming move and new wall color, they have been made over and look great. 

I bet we can all remember the apple decor craze.  Isn't it funny how something catches on and then it's on everything!  Sadly, the apples are no longer :)  Come back on Friday and see what they look like now!

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  1. Funny, I'm snacking as I type this. Also funny, my mother in law would probably love those apple stars as is. Oh, and if you are looking to divide the hostas, I'll take some.....and, table looks FANTASTIC in my dining room. We had friends over yesterday afternoon, and they noticed right away!