Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Only 2 Days Left!

Yesterday I finished de-cluttering my closet and dresser.  Whoa ~ was there a lot to donate!  14 bags!  Where it all came from I'm not sure ~ perhaps one too many trips to Goodwill ~ LOL!  I think I heard the closet rod breath a sigh of relief.  No more buying just because it's a good deal.  I'm getting rid of too many thing that match nothing.  If it doesn't work with the clothes I have, it's not a steal even at a few dollars.

The kiddos had a great day at school.  DS has yet to bring any homework home ~ he's been getting it all done at school.  DD had 2 worksheets ~ math and cursive handwriting ~ but she zipped right thru them.  DH had a boys night out last night with 2 of our great friends ~ one is getting married on Monday, so it was like his "bachelor party" (if you consider eating at Bonanza and being home by 10pm a party :)).  So we were on our own last night for supper and the kids requested grilled cheese sandwiches.  DS takes his with some ham add, DD has to have the classic. 

Add a side of green beans and the kids were happy.  Notice that DS has 4 beans on his plate.  This is a big serving for him and a huge deal.  He has been a picky eater since 18 months old and getting him to even allow veggies on his plate has been a struggle.  We've been thru it all with him on this issue ~ throwing fits and throwing up.  Within the last few years, he has made big improvements ~ this being one.  He actually ate all 4 last night without saying a word.  Usually he tries to negotiate his way out of eating any.  DD on the other hand could live on veggies and fruits alone.  Oh, the difference in kids!

Today it's raining and that has zapped my energy to do anything.  So instead of de-cluttering the next closet, I've been linking up with several blogs (see sidebar).  It's been fun looking thru all the link-ups.  There are so many creative people out there!  Haven't come across much prim, but have seen lots of repurposing.  Is that a sign of the economy or are we just becoming more aware of throwing things out instead of looking at them in a different way?  I did a little painting yesterday on an upcoming makeover ~ I must say it made quite a difference on the item.

Hard to believe that August comes to a close tomorrow.  Christmas will be here before we know it ~ it's already arrived at Hobby Lobby by the looks of it.  I seriously don't know why they even put the Christmas decor away there ~ it was out around here before the 4th of July even passed!

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  1. I too could live on fruits and veggies (mostly veggies). If I eat too much meat I just don't feel good for a day or so afterward.
    I really need to go through my closets too. How many times have I bought a top at Goodwill only to take it right back there again?

  2. I hear you with the picky eater!My son is 23 and still is so picky it drives me nuts! Need to get busy cleaning my closets and drawers too.Hugs,Jen

  3. I guess fall is around the corner.By the time I get my fall stuff out Christmas will be here.
    I too have been trying to purge closets and taking stuff to the local thrift store, clothes at least. The household stuff I have stored in the attic. Now that space will need to be straightened. Will have to wait until cool weather on that one. There's always something to do, not much time for crafting.
    I do more crafting when cool weather comes because most of the outside work will be done.
    I have already entered in your giveaway and posted on my sidebar.
    Good luck to everyone.
    Country at heart

  4. Your kids sound like mine! My son is getting much better at eating though. He's been surprising us lately with what he will try and actually like! It used to be a handful of things and no veggies or good proteins. I am SO glad he is growing out of the bad eating habits. My daughter loves pretty much everything. Even brussel sprouts. (my son still won't touch those with a ten foot pole. lol)

    I'm having a giveaway if you're interested!
    Blessings, Jessica