Friday, September 16, 2011

Heartbreaking Update on Jack

Nikki posted an update late yesterday on Jack ~

Sorry to keep everyone waiting to hear an update on Jack. He did not have to have his breathing tube, all is well there. However, we got the oncology report back on his tumor yesterday and it is in fact malignant, like we thought. The extra bad news is that it is a very aggressive type so Jack will need to begin radiation and chemotherapy treatments as soon as possible.
Tomorrow morning, Jack will have a permanent VP shunt placed in his head to control the drainage of fluid from his ventricles. This is something that we did not want to see happen. In fact, his neurosurgeon had been waiting to see if his brain would re-route the fluid on its own without relying on the drainage tube that he has been using, thereby enabling us to avoid the placement of a VP shunt. However, even though he has been making progress in that area (he has been outputting less and less fluid each day), the doctor is not comfortable waiting too much longer to have a shunt placed. Jack can't start radiation or chemo until at least 10 days after any surgery, so if we waited on Jack's body to correct the flow of fluid, that would put off his start of treatment even more. So, at around 7:15am tomorrow (Friday) morning, Jack will have a permanent ventricularperitoneal shunt put in.
This is breaking our hearts. By having a shunt, Jack will never be able to play contact sports.....meaning football, baseball (too much risk of being hit by a ball), and possibly even basketball. We don't even have to say to all of you how much of a blow this is to our little Jackie......the little ball boy for every sporting event he's ever been to. I know God must have some sort of reason, some sort of plan for all of this, but I am just not seeing it. I'm trying, I really am, but I am just too mad about this turn of events. I have been praying for a miracle - - for something to change or happen so that the shunt will not need to be placed - - but I'm not seeing my prayers answered tonight. I'm trying to trust that God will have everything work out for Jack, but I'm too caught up in my emotions right now. God will just have to put up with me being very angry about this for a's the least he can grant me right now. I know it's not the end of the world - just having Jack with us will be a blessing in itself - it's just very hard to accept.
I'm sure everything will work out in the end - - things tend to do so - - but my faith is really being tested now. I praise Him for bringing Jack safely and successfully through such a major surgery to remove the majority of the tumor and for helping him through the many trials he has had this week, and I also praise Him for bringing all of you together - - never before have I seen a community (in Clarion and beyond) come together so closely for someone the way it has for Jack, and we truly do feel the blessings of that. We're just going to need some time to mourn the loss of these opportunities for our little guy.
Thank you all so much for all of your continued prayers, thoughts, everything. Please continue them if you can.....Jack has a tough fight ahead of him, but I know that with all of you praying for him (and with his own tough little spirit!), he can overcome this incredible obstacle.
God bless you all, and please pray for a successful surgery in the morning if you read this in time.
~ Nikki

This is a tough blow ~ Jack lives and breathes sports.  It's going to be a tough fight for him ~ I pray that the Father will provide peace and comfort to the family with this bad news.  I ask Him to grant Jack the courage and strength of David when he faced Goliath.

Please continue to have Jack and his family in your prayers.

P.S. Just received an update ~
Jack is out of surgery, and his permanent VP shunt was placed very successfully!! Praise be to God! There's more to tell, but please know that we're forever grateful for everyone's prayers, support, kindness, and faith - even when our's falters. We'll post more when we can. Thank you all, and God bless!!

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  1. Thanks for the update Michele!! I am so sorry that Jack had to have a VP shunt placed!It is difficult for a child and a parent to accept that they cannot play contact sports with son has one as well :( Although it gets easier to accept in time, we realize that our child won't be like all the other kids, it's hard... my son wheres a helmet when playing any sports now to help prevent injuries, but he has also had a few VP shunt replacements. I pray that all goes well with Jack's radiation and chemotherapy treatments and that he is cured!! Miracles do happen, I firmly believe that! Thinking of you all and keeping Jack and his family in my thoughts and prayers,

    Hugs, Trish