Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Update on My Little Buddy

Just received another update on my buddy, Jack.  It appears that he is need of some extra prayers tonight!

So, since Jack's breathing tube was removed yesterday, things have been quite eventful. At 6:30pm last night (and please don't be alarmed when you read this), Jack had a mild seizure. His right leg was twitching, his left arm wouldn't move, and he wasn't very responsive. They gave him some anti-seizure medication immediately and the seizure stopped. However, it took quite some time for him to get use back in his right leg and arm. (It took him until this morning to wiggle his right toes.) The docs said that sometimes this happens and that he might have mild swelling in his brain that caused it. So, at 11:00pm last night, Jack had a quick 3-minute MRI (after a 10:30pm fire alarm! Fortunately, it was just a false alarm.) The MRI did show some small swelling but it didn't appear to be near the brainstem.
Over night, he was continuing to have problems coughing up the gunk from his lungs and upper respiratory area, so they used a small vibrating device to break up the gunk and then tubes down his nose to suction it out - - he hated that last part! The Respiratory docs continued to do that every 4 hours overnight and throughout today.
In speaking with Dr. Menezes and the rest of the docs today, they are concerned that they removed Jack's breathing tube a bit early. At the time, he was showing very good signs that he was ready to have it removed, but in hindsight they feel that maybe he was a bit too tired and that could have been a sign that his brain wasn't ready to control everything on its own yet.
So, as of right now, they are watching Jack to see if he can make some improvements on his own. He has continued to breathe fairly well today, but he has shown moments of irregular breathing where he takes too long to take a breath and then takes quick ones to make up for it - - - all of this while he is sleeping. And while he has gained movement back into his right leg and arm, his left arm and leg are showing signs of being weaker and when he smiles, the left side of his mouth doesn't go up as high as it should.
We are trying not to be too scared. Basically what all of this means is that they will just have to re-insert his breathing tube and give his brain a chance to reduce the swelling and take control of things again. It's better to ere on the side of caution and not take chances with the brain stem, rather than just let him go as is right now and then cause further damage.
So, more prayers are needed tonight!! Our little guy is still fighting - - he was VERY vocal today (even with a garbly voice) that he wanted to leave here, he wanted to go home, when is he going to be done with all of this?!, and he wanted to eat a snack!! We have every faith that God will provide us with the right people to make the right decisions for Jack to help him fight the best way he can. Please send prayers up for him tonight if you get a chance!! We would really appreciate it!!

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  1. Michele,

    I'm praying for the right answers and healing. I am also praying for your family too.